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What do we get when we book Dangerbaby?

When you book Dangerbaby you get an energized rock Duo, Trio or 4 piece live band.  Duane and Hine on lead vocals are two of the best front-people in the business… are in for a real treat. You’ll get 4 part harmonies, Female and Male featured cover songs from the 60s to modern pop…equating to a massive setlist.


You’ll get a setlist that's “not the same as every other band”  and material suited or built to cater for your function. Dangerbaby is not ‘your ordinary covers band’, we are highly experienced professional artists performing material that no-one else accurately can….and with expert sound.

What is the Difference Between the TRIO and 6 PIECE?

Dangerbaby TRIO is a Sequenced band using incredible tracks made with real instruments. All the vocals and all the acoustic and electric guitars are performed live.

The Trio can pretty much fit anywhere, takes next to no time to set up and is a cheaper option


Dangerbaby 6 Piece (or Dangerbaby6 as we like to call it) is the BEES KNEES of a live band experience. Still the same material, energy and great sound, but performed with simply the BEST local musos in town. Drums, Bass, Keys, Sax, Guitars and Four- Way vocals.  These guys are impressive!  


How do I book Dangerbaby?

Booking us is easy. Go to our contacts page and fill in the required Fields. Or,  just call us or email us directly. We take pride in getting back to you promptly and usually within a few hours. We will reply with a quote and a full run down on what we can offer you and your function. Or, a friendly note stating we are already booked. We recommend inquiring 6 months out from your function date. Our bookings run over a year out so don’t delay! We’d hate miss out on helping you!


Why should I choose Dangerbaby over a DJ or that ‘other band that everyone uses?

Yeah sure, we are going to be more expensive than a DJ. But with Dangerbaby you’ll get a crowd loving and connective band that will relate to your guests and create a rapport. You will remember having Dangerbay at your wedding! We are a live band not a jukebox in the corner with tiny flashing lights. Dangerbaby brings a show no matter the function complete with professional lasers, scanners, Led Lighting, an amazing sound system and internationally renown artists.

Why go for the local wedding band that your Aunty, 2nd cousin and school mate had at their wedding. Don’t settle for the norm!        


Do you travel to other parts of New Zealand?

Yes we do! We’ve traveled as far as Western Australia for shows! Obviously traveling outside the Christchurch area will involve more cost and this is all identified in our fee quoting. . We regularly perform all round the Canterbury, Nelson, Mackenzie country and South Island East and West Coast areas.

Take location out of the equation and let us work this out for you.     


Do you guys have a drummer?

YES WE CAN! Dangerbaby TRIO is a high quality sequenced band using internationally accepted backing tracks using real drum sounds in the mix.

That said, we understand that some clients love a live drummer so then we can offer you the DANGERBABY6 live band.

 We LOVE DB6!!! Just be aware that this is a bigger band in a smaller intimate venue, functions and weddings, there can be issues relating to sound levels, access, a slightly longer setup time and we need a larger setup area..

We still perform the same material with or without a drummer.    


Do you guys have an acoustic option?

YES! We can provide a duo or trio low key acoustic vibe format perfect for canapes on the lawn, background music at a function, Cafe or a prelude to our bigger show. We have more than one PA system, so a compact acoustic set up and be added easily to a remote location at a wedding.      


Will you provide your own sound and lighting gear?

Yes. We have a high end PA system and an amazing laser light-show. Our PA system can cater for an enclosed room capacity of up to 300 people. The PA can also work outdoors and has been used for festivals outside, truck trailers and huge barns. If we are travelling to the NI (by air) we will consider a PA hire option and transport all other smaller items with us.  


How much space do you need for your setup, and what are your power requirements?

Our band does not need alot of space to perform from and can usually fit into most spaces. The Duo and TRIO setup can fit into a space 2.5x2m or smaller if we use our smaller PA system for Cafes etc. DANGERBABY6 , which adds a drummer requires 5 x 3m min. We will bring our our power cables and we only require access to one clean power supply source. If its an outdoor or Marquette, then its best that no other cooking or refrigeration appliances are using the same power source.


How long are your sets and who chooses the material?

We can build sets and material around the clients and venues requirements and work with your runsheet. Usually we prefer a 3 hour over-all performance time frame. Weddings in particular, no matter how well you plan it, will 9/10 never require more than 3 hours. The first set will be one hour, then 45mins with 15min breaks. This is usually venue reliant (time limits). Dangerbaby take pride in knowing what to play and when. We are hugely experienced musicians and will Taylor our selection to the mood of the room. We will read the energy of the guests and are determined to make it a party…..always!   


Can we use your PA for speeches or back ground music?

Yes of cause. If the band PA is located conveniently and in direct sight of the bridal table, then is absolutely fine! All our mics are wireless so you can use these up to 20m from the PA setup. We’ll instruct you how to use them and have it all set up ready to go if in the case we are not around at the time. Our system also caters for an external connection either via BT or cable fro your iphone etc. Our Mics are really expensive and not toys, so they need to be looked after at all times.

If you need a smaller PA and wireless mic for speeches because the Band PA is located in another space, then we CAN provided this also. This would be at an extra low fee.


What happens on the day of the Function?

All aspects and details of the show, run times, set up times and material are discussed well in advance before the day. What you can expect is a discrete setup and a well oiled machine. We’ll work in with what ever is needed to ensure the function runs smoothly with the minimum of fuss. We are really flexible with set-up time and will make anything work. The playing block starts from the agreed time when the booking is made and if the function runs late the band does not play later. Playing times may run later at additional costs, at the discretion of the band.   


How long does it take to set up, and does the band Need a Sound Check?

We only need 30mins to set up for the trio and around  for the 6 piece. As the band has a full digital setup and can recall hundreds of similar venue ‘scenes’ and sound environments, we never require an annoying soundcheck. Unless its a larger function involving a larger PA (outside show etc) then yes a sound check is preferable.  


Can you play our first dance song?

Yes! As we have both female and male lead singers we can more often than not perform any first dance song…..within reason. As we are a sequenced band, the first dance song you know and love will sound nearly exactly the same as the real song! Please feel free to talk to us about your song choices and if you’d like us to play them.  

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