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Danger80s: Your Passport to '80s Nostalgia

Prepare to embark on a neon-soaked journey through the musical time capsule of the 1980s with Danger80s, the ultimate tribute band that encapsulates the era's magic. Comprising an ensemble of exceptional musicians, Danger80s invites you to relive the vibrant decade that brought us iconic hits, incredible fashion, and unforgettable memories.

Though born as an offshoot of the highly acclaimed band DangerBaby, Danger80s stands on its own as a testament to the band members' unwavering love for the '80s. Each member shares a deep passion for the music, fashion, and culture of the era, and this devotion shines through in every electrifying performance.

But Danger80s is not just another tribute band; it's an unforgettable experience. Armed with state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment that rivals the biggest acts of the '80s, Danger80s transports audiences back in time, recreating the magic of the era with authenticity and flair.

As you prepare to journey through the '80s with Danger80s, whether you're a child of the '80s or simply looking to experience the magic of the era, know that their high-energy performances, stunning four-part harmonies, and unwavering dedication to professionalism promise a night that will be etched in your memory forever. Get ready to dance, sing, and relive the greatest hits of the '80s—it's not just a performance; it's a time-traveling journey you won't want to miss. Danger80s: Your Passport to '80s Nostalgia awaits!

Saturday 28th October at  'A Rolling Stone' 579 Colombo Street, Christchurch


John - Guitars / BVs

A well-rounded player and one of the most experienced guitarists in town. John is renowned for his accuracy and guitar technique with sounds and tone to emulate the real thing. A master of technology and sequence building, John's guitar playing comes with a strong stage presence and player confidence. With ability in every realm of style, from blues to hard rock, John has a long history in bands such as Oyster and The New Entrants.  

same jones_edited.jpg

Sam Jones - Drums

Solid, Smooth and Slick. The NEW driving force behind the band. Recently returned to NZ from playing on the international circuit, Sam brings 30 years' experience and energy to the group. Sam plays rock, soul, blues and modern pop seamlessly. With such a slick drumming style, his performance and character is a showcase.

Dangerbaby hagley 18

Duane - Lead Vocals

A local icon and Total Frontman, Duane has a vocal range second to none and is quick to adapt to any genre. His voice is slick, smooth and consistent and delivers with power and volume. Whether its a cool funk groove or a powerhouse rock number, this guy pulls out all the stops. Duane provides DangerBaby a masterful display of vocal theatrics and is a joy to listen to and watch from start to finish.


Pete - Bass

A perfect match on stage and a total magician on the 4 or 6 string bass axe. Pete is a qualified teacher of ‘everything music’ and a gentle giant with a zest for life. Peter brings years of experience to DangerBaby and an encyclopedia of music skill. Oh yes…..he plays upright bass as well!


Hinewai - Lead Vocals

A multi-talented super girl on the microphone, this vocalist has energy to burn on stage. Hinewai sings it loud, soft and sexy and one is never bored with her effortless voice.  Hinewai has a versatile and dynamic onstage performance. She has a stunning Tina Turner-styled pop voice with soul and intimacy. Hinewai loves to rock!

mahlon 1.jpg

Mahlon - Sax

Mahlon is an iconic sort-after session musician who joins DangerBaby to perform as part of our 6 piece band at festivals and larger event shows. Such a lovely guy with impeccable dress sense, sensational sax and vocal skills with a lovable wit.

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